If you want to get into coding or building sites, YouTube can help. Here’s a collection of the best programming YouTube channels!

#1: MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT has a great YouTube channel with tons of lectures on a wide variety of programming languages and technologies.

#2: The New Boston

A popular channel that offers screencast tutorials on Java, C, JavaScript, and other languages. If you like long video tutorials, this is a good place to start.

#3: Computerphile

One of my favorite channels, Computerphile covers a wide range of technology concepts, such as databases and information security.

#4: DevTips

Travis Neilson’s channel focuses mainly on front end development and has some excellent CSS tutorials. Also, he recently got a job at Google and documents their interview process in detail.

#5: Engineered Truth

Matthew Tran is a recent engineering graduate who focuses on helping engineers learn to code. He’s interviewed a lot of developers, including Travis Nelson and myself.

#6: LearnCode.academy

This channel has a lot of video tutorials on JavaScript technologies, such as React and Redux.

#7: Codecourse

This channel covers PHP and MySQL, with practical examples like how to build an e-commerce site.

#8: LevelUpTuts

This is a great resource for tutorials on PHP and WordPress.

#9 funfunfunction

Fellow Quora contributor Mattias Petter Johansson has a YouTube channel that focuses on JavaScript and functional programming.

#10: Coding Tutorials 360

This channel has screencast walkthroughs of how to complete coding challenges on sites like Free Code Camp and Code Combat.

#11 Coding Rainbow

Daniel Shiffman’s channel covers Python and data visualization in depth, and is pretty fun to watch.