Skillshare is an amazing online learning community filled with educational videos. Check out the best Skillshare video editing and filmmaking classes here!

Cinematography Course | Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera

Hosted by Dale McManus, this cinematography course is designed to deliver you the most up to date cinematography tips without all the useless fluff. This course brings you all the professional knowledge that you need to shoot like a seasoned cinematographer. It is also designed for DSLRs and smartphones. Take your videos to the next level and check out the best video editing apps for smartphones.

Cinematography Basics: Understanding Filmmaking Style

Join cinematographer Zak Mulligan for a 30-minute exploration into the basic cinematic tools and choices that make a film magical and compelling. This is the foundation for understanding filmmaking style.

Colour Grading for Filmmaking

Dandan Liu guides you through an in-depth look at the importance of colour grading within film and video. The course is divided into three parts: seeing colour, using colour for storytelling, and implementing a technical 5-step process to translate your vision into reality with Adobe Premiere Pro Lumetri Colour. You’ll be creating awesome green screen scenes in no time after taking this course!

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a Skillshare video editing course from a real pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is certainly up there with the best video editing software, and Jordy Vandeput’s class demonstrates why. Vandeput is a full time trainer in video editing and film production, and has built Cinecom – a company that trains people in an entertaining way.

DIY Cinematography: Make Your Video Look Like a Movie

Learn how to shoot with soul and make your videos look more expensive, thanks to celebrated cinematographer and director, Ryan Booth. This class walks you through Ryan’s creative process of how to make something look beautiful, intentional, and of higher production value. Your videos will look like movies in a flash!