It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re celebrating the day by highlighting some of the most successful female YouTubers!

In the name of gender equality, International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual event that aims to raise awareness against bias, and celebrates women’s achievements. IWD globally champions the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and has occurred for over a century. You can learn more about the timeline of the celebration, as well the compelling history behind it.

Although IWD is not organisation or group specific, each year an agreed theme is adopted to go with the celebrations. This year, the theme is #BreakTheBias.

In any field or profession, it can sting a bit to be referred to as a “female something”. Rather than simply being known as a comedian, or author, or content creator, gender is brought up, but only in the case of women. This can make it feel like gender largely matters, and can dictate how funny you are, how creative you are, how technically adroit you are. It’s this sort of attitude that many people wish to do away with, celebrating people for their skills and abilities, regardless of their gender – just plain old equality.

However, sometime to help the cause, it can be positive to highlight when something impressive and noteworthy has been done specifically by a woman. This isn’t to say “wow, they did good for a woman”. It’s to serve as a reminder that women have, at the very least, just the same capabilities, talent, genius, and passion as men, and should be treated as such.

YouTube Content Creators

YouTube’s current CEO is Susan Wojcicki. She has been working in tech for over 20 years, and was Google’s first marketing manager in 1999. There are swathes of fantastic female content creators on the platform today, and we’ve listed (in no particular order) some of the most subscribed to.

Liza Koshy

Zoe Sugg

Lily Singh


Bethany Mota