What makes a song jazzy for you? With so many forms of the genre, we’ve put together a collection of background jazz ideal for those café afternoons.

Is it the brushed snare, the smooth brass, or complex chords that spring to mind when you think of jazz? If it is any of these, you’re in luck!

At Synchedin, we’ve compiled some fantastic tracks to create the perfect café or coffee shop ambience. The Café Background Jazz Music Collection features artists such as Jazz Lounge Bar, and the king of royalty free music himself, Kevin Macleod.

Here you can find guitar-led foot tappers, bright and brassy meanderings, and roving Roland ditties.

All tracks are royalty free and have the sync license covered. This means you can use them in your YouTube videos or TikTok skits without fear of copyright issues. Sign up and stream collections for free, or subscribe for just $4.99 per month for unlimited download access!