Looking for delicious, healthy meal ideas that won’t take forever to make? Check out these 5 simple recipes for wonderfully easy eating!

You’ve had a long and busy day, we definitely get it. Perhaps you were in back to back meetings at work, or maybe you’ve been deeply engrossed in editing your latest podcast. Putting the thought, time, and effort into a tasty but nutritious dinner doesn’t always seem like the most welcome task.

To make things smoother, we’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic, simple recipes that will fuel your evenings and bring the joy back to cooking.

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken

Sheet pan, baking tray, baking sheet. Whatever you call it, it’s a kitchen must-have. This little piece of metal opens up a whole world of quick and easy cooking. This pesto chicken recipe from Kleinworth & Co is the perfect example of that.

Frying Pan Pizza

Want an authentic Italian pizza but don’t have a pizza oven? A very common problem, but one that can be solved with the humble frying pan. Enjoy home-made dough and light, nutrient rich veggies with this frying pan pizza recipe from BBC Good Food.

Pumpkin Soup

Save on the washing up by whipping up this easy pumpkin soup recipe in one pot, courtesy of Taste. Warming yet fresh and full of flavour, get in a few of your five a day without any fuss.

Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Bake

Indulgently cheesy, yet packed with fibre and vitamins, this straightforward chicken & broccoli pasta bake recipe from AllRecipes is sure to become a family favourite. Enjoy unrefined carbohydrates with wholewheat pasta, and load up on iron with verdant broccoli.

Microwave Brownies

Okay so, maybe not the healthiest, but we all deserve a treat now and then. Who says desserts and baking has to take time? These microwave brownies, again from AllRecipes, are fudgey and chocolatey, but best of all, quick!

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