If you’re hunting for jazz flavours straight out of Central America, look no further. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the playful Recuerdos De La Habana by Proyecto Acústico!

Unlike anything we’ve had in the Synchedin spotlight before, Proyecto Acústico is a Salvadoran Latin focussed jazz group. Formed in 2007, the band’s music is predominantly made up of original compositions written by various members. The tracks draw from the inspiration and experiences of the group’s members, creating a varied and eclectic back catalogue.

This week’s Spotlight, Recuerdos De La Habana, is the opening song from the 2013 album, Toma 1. Translating to “Memories of Havana”, the track has a distinct South American, Latin feel. Acoustic percussion splashes in at the beginning, and we’re greeted with plenty of pleasing natural textures. Electric piano and guitar chords create a jazzy soundscape for disjointed, warm electric bass to interject in. The first section is lead guitar focussed, with a steady melody meandering its way through the first minute or so.

A stripping of layers signals a transition into a fresh section of the track, with the energetic percussion driving the whole piece. The vibraphone takes centre stage, giving a much more lounge jazz effect. Lulling you into a relaxing false sense of security, the metallic melody picks up speed, snowballing into a frantically ascending climax.

This gives way to the first – and only – vocal appearance in Recuerdos De La Habana, which distantly sits low in the mix. However, the expressive nature of the vocals lends an air of passion to the track.

The suave sounding electric guitar takes back the limelight with an impressively dexterous scalic display. Energy well and truly cranked back up, the bass accompanies using ample movement before taking on an almost bluesy quality. The walking (admittedly, at a very fast pace) bassline sits beneath the jostling vibraphone. Sibilant and light hi-hat splishes and splashes reliably along. The drums throughout the track are arresting in their ability to remain relatviely soft by complex.

A final musical melee culminates in a contrastingly ordered and precise ending. The ultimate close of the track takes on an almost 007 feel, with a beautifully broad extended chord signalling the end.

Recuerdos De La Habana is a welcomed taste of sunny South America, as we endure the early autumn rains. If you’d like to add some warmth to your content, subscribe to Synchedin and check out Proyecto Acústico has to offer!

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