Got a chunky creative to-do list waiting for you? Get yourself some good morning motivation with this energetic Synchedin collection!

Everyone talks about the deep digging needed to muster up motivation on a Monday morning. If you’re not naturally gifted with a bottomless pit of pep and vigour in the mornings, any day of the week can be a challenge to get ready for.

Even if you love your daily routine, or are excited about tasks on your to-do list, just getting going and taking the first step can require a little nudge. There are some simple measures to help you do this. Regardless of what your tasks are, these can be applied pretty universally.

Good Morning Motivation Tips

  • Set goals. Whether it’s the night before, or the moment you open your eyes, set yourself a tangible and achievable goal for the day. Don’t make it so small it’s meaningless, or too big that it’s daunting. Once you achieve one goal, you’ll find yourself soon on a roll.
  • Get inspired. Are there any people you idolise and admire? Looking to people who have already achieved what you’re aiming for, or who are in a similar creative field, can help foster motivation. Trying to be more like them can power you to get going.
  • Don’t aim for perfect. Perfection is unattainable, and not even always desirable. If you aim for perfect, you’re setting yourself up for a fail. If you aren’t managing to get things done exactly how you’d pictured, don’t beat yourself up – just keep going!
  • Chunking. This is a technique where you break down individual tasks into a number of smaller tasks. This is a brilliant way to get motivated, because you start ticking off more tasks much more quickly. Your motivation fire will be well and truly stoked in no time.

Good Morning Motivation Collection

Our finest tip for summoning motivation is definitely to crank up some invigorating music. We’ve compiled the Good Morning Motivation collection!

Featuring only the most uplifting and energetic tracks on the Synchedin catalogue, like Axero, Sizzle Bird, and Simon Jomphe Lepine, to get you up and ready for the day ahead.

Enjoy a tasty motivational bonus in the collection with some inspiring stock images too! Discover a treasure trove of energising royalty free music, that you can use to power yourself up, as well as having the option to use it in your video content!

All tracks have the sync license sorted, so you can feature music in YouTube videos or publicly shared projects, without worrying about pesky copyright issues.

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