Infamously vague Twitch bans will now provide streamers with more info regarding content which has violated its terms. Find out more here.

Twitch creators who receive suspension notifications are also met with a distinct lack of clarity and explanation. Understandably, this has proved to be an incredibly frustrating system for creators. Prolific streamers can produce hours of content a day, meaning it’s almost impossible to know what specifically has warranted a notification.

The online streaming platform is no stranger to causing confusion and leaving users somewhat in the dark. Towards the end of 2020, Twitch creators received a huge wave of DMCA takedowns. In a bid to protect the rights of musicians and artist, the platform took a rather heavy-handed approach. Explanation was offered eventually to streamers, offering a breakdown of how DMCAs work and how they can be further avoided.

On Monday (9th August), it was announced that more clarity would be provided around Twitch bans and enforcement notifications.

Previously, streamers violating the platform’s term wouldn’t be told which was the content responsible or the date of the violation. Although this goes a small way to shedding some light for creators, it is still considerably vague. Being given the video that triggered the notification could help creators to figure out where they might have possibly gone wrong. But, as previously mentioned, content can be hours long, making the task a challenge still.

It appears that Twitch is not willing to provide further details or information on violations of its policies. Although Monday’s move isn’t quite the full solution needed, it is a start for enabling Twitch streamers to understand what content they can and cannot broadcast.

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