Love is all around, whether it’s for someone else or yourself. Get into the Valentine’s Synchedin Spotlight spirit with To You by Maxx Lyon!

Maxx Lyon, aka Elvis Mauricio, is a music producer and DJ from Peru. Specialising in Future Bass, this talented musician has a limited but impactful catalogue currently online. Lovers of catchy melodies and bouncy rhythms will find plenty to satisfy them!

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight steps up the romance with the powerful To You. Released last year, this track would certainly not be out of place filling most club dance floors. The clean female vocal provides the accessible melody that all good bangers need, with a notably crisp, professional production level that can be found throughout Maxx Lyon’s music. A drop of chromatic colour gives the melody the power to ensure the listener is helplessly hooked. Drive and anticipation is created by that ubiquitous splashy drum machine sound. And, rather than being plunged into merciless whomping as one might expect, the track playfully drops like the feeling of landing on a bouncy castle. It is this lightness and joviality that makes To You a fantastic Valentine’s Day and Synchedin Spotlight pick!

If you’d like to keep up to date with Maxx Lyon’s music, be sure to give him a follow on SoundCloud and Instagram. You can also check out his channel on YouTube, and of course listen on the Synchedin catalogue.

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