If you have used any tracks by Pacific in your projects, you may receive claims from HexaCorp. Get the full details on why, and how to resolve this here.

Claims Control

At Synchedin, we offer full claims control as a benefit of having a music subscription with us. Although you are using royalty free music, you may still sometimes receive a claim. Full claims control means that if you do receive a claim on a video you’ve uploaded because of a track you’ve used from us, we can easily resolve this.

Either, you can get in touch with us at support@synchedin.com with the video URL, and we can release the claim. Or, you can release it yourself by providing the track License ID in the comments when you dispute the claim.

Our official partner, RouteNote handles the content ID side of things, and a claim from them is something we can sort for you, piece of cake.

Pacific Claims from HexaCorp

Amsterdam-based music production duo Pacific are hugely popular on Synchedin. We know that loads of you love featuring their music in your creative projects, and often on YouTube.

You may receive, or may have already received, a claim as a result of using a Pacific track, but from HexaCorp rather than RouteNote.

The most important thing has been working out a solution that best suits you, the creator. As a result, we’ve managed to reach an agreement with HexaCorp. If you receive claims from using a Pacific track from HexaCorp, you can dispute the claim and have it released using the License ID provided by Synchedin.

It is worth noting that, as HexaCorp are a separate organisation to Synchedin, we have no control over the releasing of claims, so unfortunately cannot guarantee a timeframe. We do advise that you allow 2-3 days for HexaCorp to release claims.

We hope you can continue to enjoy the awesome music Pacific produce, and wish you all smooth and happy content creating!