Trying to reach and engage with a bigger audience? Here are our favourite short video ideas that’ll help to grow your brand and business!

No matter what area you’re in, if you’re a business of some sort you will want to constantly reach more people. A bigger audience means a bigger chance of sales. Of course, lots of people start their business as a passion project, and money isn’t the main driver for them. But, the reality is a business needs to make money in order for it to grow, so owners can keep doing, making, and sharing what they love.

That’s not to say that you need to spend a large amount of money in order to reach a larger audience. Using social media channels to grow your brand is a perfect way to ace content marketing for free. You can market products on Instagram, or promote brands on TikTok. And this can all be done for free!

With platforms like Instagram now favouring Reels, as explained by head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, it’s a savvy move to create video content. There are lots of video opportunities for businesses, like meet the team videos or product launch teasers. But, short form video content is what’s hottest at the moment. Sharing content on platforms like TikTok or on YouTube as Shorts will get your brand seen by lots of people fast. Shorter videos can be lots of fun to make, and don’t require such high production levels as longer commercials or brand promo videos. We’re sharing our best short video ideas with you, so you can get started on your video content marketing journey!

Product Announcements

If you have a new range of products dropping, there’s no better way to show them off than in a short video. You can get creative and display them in any way you like. With some clever editing, you can achieve all sorts of fun effects. The key to short videos on platforms like TikTok is to keep the energy high. Check out this example from Lucy and Yak below.


JUST DROPPED πŸ‘€ 1 🌸❀️, 2 πŸͺ΄πŸ’š or 3 β™£οΈπŸ–€ – which Carmen Boilersuit will you choose?! #LucyandYak #InMyYaks #boilersuit

♬ original sound – Lucy and Yak

How To Videos

Educational content performs incredibly well across all content sharing platforms. People are far more likely to keep watching something if they think they’ll get something out of it by the end. This can apply to cooking, crafts, software, pretty much anything.

Since you’re an expert in your field, why not quickly share a tutorial or how to video on something related to your business?

Meet the Team

Introducing yourself or your team doesn’t have to take forever. Of course, it’s nice to really show off everything that makes your team great, so shooting a longer video for your YouTube channel (if you’re not content marketing on YouTube, you should be!) is a great idea.

You can either break down parts from your longer video to create a short one. Or, you could come up with a snappy, fun idea that will show off the faces behind the magic too. If it feels or looks cringe, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Customer Testimonial

If you can, getting hold of clips of happy customers raving about your business will do wonders for boosting your brand online. This will provide trustworthiness, and help potential customers to be convinced to buy from you. But, it will also make for great variation of content on your feed.

Seasonal Content

It’s important to stay on top of trends when it comes to things like TikTok or Reels. Some of the simplest trends to hop on are seasonal. For example, creating themed content for Halloween, Christmas or Pancake Day. Going seasonal lets you try out short video ideas that are fun, even silly, but keep your brand relevant and up to date.


Pancake Day… but make it slo-mo πŸ₯ž #pancakeday #slomo #synchedin #fyp

♬ Sugarsweet – Zach Sorgen