If you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, why not start a new career with YouTube? Here’s how to switch your day job for your passion!

Getting tired of the 9 to 5? Feeling like there’s a different path out there for you? Although it can sometimes feel impossible to start afresh, it’s actually more achievable than you might think.

Thanks to the internet, we can learn and develop new skills more quickly and independently than ever before. Where we would have relied on books or teachers to find out how to put up a shelf or knit a jumper, we now have YouTube. The second largest site in the world, YouTube offers an incredible wealth of educational and informative content – all for free.

Not only could watching videos be the key to being able to start a new career, making them could be as well. We’ve laid out exactly how YouTube could be the key to your career and life change!

Learn New Skills

If you’re already an expert in something unique, you have a head start. But, if you’ve always had a burning desire to become a carpenter or a botanist, YouTube can get you there.

As of 2022, there are more than 51 million channels active on YouTube. That means you’re pretty much guaranteed to find countless resources to learn new information and become a pro yourself in something. The beauty of this is that it’s all available for free, so you won’t have to make sacrifices financially whilst you’re investing time into your career change.

Become a YouTube Pro

Alongside learning how to perfect your lino printing or solidify your sewing skills, it’s important to get to grips with how YouTube works. The best way to start a new career with YouTube is to start your very own channel. Here, you can share your skills and knowledge, whether you learned them through YouTube yourself, or already had them.

Thanks to SEO and analytics, there’s a bit more to YouTube than just creating engaging videos, publishing them, and hoping for the best. You need to choose a strong niche, as well as carefully select a catchy channel name.

Starting a channel is much more than just setting everything up. Since you’ll be competing with lots of other channels, it’s important to come up with strong, unique branding that shows off what you’re about. You’ll also need a strategy for things like what time you share videos and how often.

Fortunately, there are plenty of channels on YouTube dedicated to teaching the art of YouTubing and using YouTube as a marketing tool.

Share Your Knowledge

Once you’ve gained confidence in your new chosen area, it’s time to start making videos.

As an example, YouTube recently highlighted April Wilkerson’s story. April created a new career out of necessity, when she decided to build her own pantry as she couldn’t afford to buy one.

Discovering a love for woodworking, she shared her journey and knowledge on YouTube, gaining a huge audience and unlocking a new life.

One of the best video formats you can share on YouTube is tutorials. By demonstrating how you do something, whether you’re a master or you’ve just learned it yourself, you provide value for other people.

You might be wondering why anyone would take the advice of someone new to a craft or industry. Actually, if you’re transparent about your skill level, people might relate to you and feel more connected to you. These are all amazing things that will help you to grow a loyal audience.

If you have the time, you can start out your YouTube career whilst hanging onto your existing job. This takes the pressure off financially (earning money on YouTube certainly doesn’t happen overnight), and enables you to purchase any necessary equipment.

Speaking of equipment, it’s wise to have a decent camera and mic for creating videos. There’s a huge amount of video content out there, so yours needs to look great in order to stand a chance of getting noticed. You can buy beginner vlogging kits to get you started. Lots of creators even use their iPhone and an external mic.

Diversify Revenue Streams

Just like April Wilkerson, you can grow your business beyond YouTube content alone. Once you hit the threshold that allows you to earn revenue, you could make some serious money. Through AdSense, YouTube could provide you with enough revenue to branch out into other areas.

If your niche is baking, you could use your YouTube revenue to start a home delivery bakery service. You could set up a website and sell cookbooks, recipes, and baking equipment. By using membership sites, you can unlock further potential from your YouTube audience by providing additional content.

Who knows, this could eventually lead to you opening a bakery.

The point is that YouTube can be the foundation and building blocks for a multi-faceted business that could change your life. It might sound a bit too easy, and that’s because we haven’t highlighted just how long it might take. You may have to try a few niches first, or experiment with branding or your style. But, if you stick at it, there’s no reason you couldn’t start a new career, just like April did.

Guide Others

We mentioned before about learning all about YouTube before you start your journey. This is where it gets a bit meta.

Lots of people start a new career by developing a specific skill, then utilising that skill to earn money. If someone did so through YouTube, then there tends to be a natural progression.

These people will often go on to explicitly detail how they rose to YouTube success, through YouTube. In doing this, rather than just teaching someone how to bake so that they may start a business, they teach someone how to bake and start a career on YouTube specifically.

This is where people go from bakers who share content on YouTube, to professional, bone fide YouTube “gurus”. Because this involves lots of marketing, branding, and business knowledge that you’ll have picked up along the way, you could even sell online courses and packages. Doing this is incredibly lucrative!

Finishing Up

As you can, embarking on a YouTube adventure can lead to life changing results. Start a new career by throwing yourself into your passion, creating content, and sharing your journey.

By utilising everything YouTube has to offer, you can really grow a business all in one place.

It definitely doesn’t happen quickly, and requires lots of dedication and hard work. But, if you can keep a consistent routine and create content that will add value and engage an audience, there’s no telling what you could achieve!

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