If ominous soundscapes are your thing then you’re in the right place. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Anthem of The IACA by Hypotenuse MusicWorks!

A track that effectively creates atmosphere is a precious thing when it comes to creating films or videos. Music often aids storytelling, helping to set the scene and paint a picture of our fictional surroundings. This is why we’ve chosen Anthem of The IACA (Intellectual Authors of Crime Association) by Hypotenuse MusicWorks.

Hypotenuse MusicWorks is a music production studio specialising in soundscapes and electronic music. You can check out their extensive collection of work on Spotify.

Anthem of The IACA kicks off with a solitary, dark, descending synth pad. Immediately an eerie sense of foreboding is created, as minor intervals walk you deeper into a foggy forest of sound. Replacing the synth pad, but continuing the simple yet spooky melody, is an electric organ joined by a droning piano. Heavy delay is placed on the instruments, including the glockenspiel which gives the track a touch of the ethereal and creepy. Twinkling synth sounds emerge, like a distant, unexplained light through the trees. As soon as the feel of the extraterrestrial is created, it is jarringly interrupted by the addition of harpsichord sounds. This blend of antiquated instrumentation with futuristic electronic tones only adds to the unnerving nature of this track.

Absolutely perfect for any projects focussing on darker themes, experimental ideas or films in need of ambient soundscapes. Keep up to date with all the latest from Hypotenuse MusicWorks by giving them a follow on Instagram and YouTube.

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