As a musician, having your tracks added to Spotify playlists can thrust you into the limelight overnight. Here’s how to get your music added!

As the most popular music streaming service in the world, it is vital to have your music available on Spotify. As of the end of 2020 Spotify had over 144 million premium subscribers. That’s a lot of ears that could potentially hear your music.

At Synchedin we’re lucky enough to be partnered with the wonderful RouteNote. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a digital music distribution service, offering an amazing range of stores for no cost whatsoever.

As an independent artist, it can be tricky keeping track of distribution whilst you’re busy writing, recording, performing, and so on. With RouteNote, all the worry is taken away. Simply register, upload your music and then select which stores you’d like to distribute to. Once your music is live, you will begin earning revenue and get to keep a whopping 85% of all earnings. This means, you can get your music onto Spotify easily, quickly and for free.

However, having your music on the platform doesn’t guarantee people are going to stumble upon it. That will mostly rely on your own marketing, promotion and word of mouth. But, if you feature on one of Spotify’s trend setting playlists, you could unlock a huge new listenership. All you need to do is:

  1. Upload your music to RouteNote in advance. Setting a sales start date for a few weeks’ time allows Spotify time to review your work before it goes live to the public.
  2. As soon as RouteNote approves your upload, they will send it to Spotify. From the point of approval it takes about 48 hours for releases to reach Spotify. You will then need to access your Spotify for Artists account. If you haven’t already claimed your profile, do it here.
  3. From your Spotify Analytics section you can select one unreleased song to submit for playlist consideration. You can add information to help Spotify decide where your release would fit best.