Let this week’s Synchedin Spotlight cradle you high up in the boughs, as you look down upon a wonderful festive scene. It’s Christmas Tree by Borrtex!

Three-time Synchedin Spotlight resident (actually, make that four), Borrtex is a prolific and talented Czech pianist. Also known as Daniel Bordovsky, Borrtex began playing at the age of six. He started composing and producing his own music in 2017, and has a whopping 16 albums available on Spotify.

This week’s Spotlight track is taken from his second Christmas album, Christmas Time II, which was released in 2018. Part of an album of traditional, warming festive instrumentals, Christmas Tree captures the awe and wonder felt as a child first laying eyes on a festooned tree.

Just a hint of gentle synth leads the way for the delicately played piano keys. A very subtle detail, but one that adds so much atmosphere and that touch of the winter wonderland to the piece. Layers of high-pitched piano playing are woven together, with chords twinkling steadily and quietly in the background. The gradual, spacious opening of the track reflects the slow yet exciting moments of opening your eyes on Christmas morning.

As we head downstairs to discover a tree surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts, a bouncier energy is given to the song. Free of dissonance, the melody is full of joyful movement. Maintaining the gentleness established at the start, there is a strong sense of innocence about Christmas Tree.

In a mere minute and 50 seconds, a story is expressively told. Borrtex is skilled in concisely packing imagery and emotion into tracks, without relying on swathes of instruments. Ending even more gently than it began, Christmas Tree truly leaves you with a thoroughly warmed heart, and all the positive childhood memories of Chrristmases gone by.

This Spotlight track is the perfect accompaniment to festive video content, such as craft tutorials or gift unboxing. Check out Borrtex’s full catalogue on Synchedin, available for you to license now! Follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with new releases and more.