Beat maker extraordinaire SoulProdMusic cooks up an exotic house masterpiece ‘Dew‘, making them this week’s Synchedin Spotlight artist.

SoulProdMusic, aka Oleg, is a royalty free music composer and beat maker who lives and works in Ukraine. Their mission is to make a high quantity of top-quality music which can be used as perfect background music for your content creation projects.

Oleg boasts an impressive library, distributing over 250 unique compositions and beats with our official partners RouteNote alone. While they mostly compose electronic, hip hop and trap beat styles, SoulProdMusic isn’t afraid to try new things. For example, in their latest release Parrot, Oleg experiments with combining pop production with Latin American musical styles.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a reversed ambient sample. This leads us into an anticipation building section which features the main melody repeatedly in the background.

The main melody is played in an erratic, ‘scratchy’ style on a stringed instrument sonically similar to the violin. A dance style bass synth hops around the sturdy beat, providing a catchy base for the melody to dance around atop of.

After a few repetitions of the full beat blaring, the filter hides away the string melody once more as a high string note sustains over the top of the mix. This gives Oleg the perfect opportunity to build up the energy once more, as a funky guitar part plays.

Just like that, after a well crafted drum fill, the main beat comes back in full force. Not too long after this, we’re treated to a particularly well delivered half-time section. This moment really keeps the track moving as a whole, and adds particular weight to this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

With a beat this good, it’s no wonder that SoulProdMusic’s Dew landed itself in our Stylish Tracks for Commercials, Cheerful Tunes for Adverts and Upbeat Corporate Instrumentals collections.

You can download Dew and much more royalty free beats from SoulProdMusic such as Parrot and Bunch all for just $4.99 a month. Elavate your content today with these top quality royalty free beats!