Of course, you want great sounding tracks to accompany your videos. Find out where you can download music for your YouTube Channel here!

Finding good quality music that you can legally use in your YouTube videos can be quite a chore.

We’ve simplified this process by creating Synchedin – A catalogue of royalty free music for you to use in any YouTube content that you’re creating!

We have an array of artists that would suit your mood and niche. From cinematic to hardcore, we’ve got everything a YouTuber could need to add that flare to your channel.

We’re updating the catalogue daily, so keep checking back on the Synchedin catalogue to find your style.

For a small monthly subscription ($4.99 per month) Synchedin offers a range of artists, genres, moods and more for you to use in your project. Whether that’s game streaming, film making or anything in between, Synchedin’s got you covered!