Now is always a great time to take up a new hobby and get creative. Get inspired with these 5 fantastic crafting YouTube channels!

YouTube is a fantastic online resource when it comes to learning something new. Whether you want to take up cooking or try out yoga, there will be a plethora of channels for you to choose from.

Or perhaps you are a content creator who is also a dab hand with a sewing machine, and you’ve heard you can earn money through YouTube. Whichever camp you’re in, check out these crafting YouTube channels and pick up some new skills and ideas for your own videos!


INNOVA Crafts was started up in 2014 by host Esther, and focusses on an array of different craft and DIY activities. Amongst these are paper crafts, DIY room decor and DIY beauty products. Many of the videos suit a younger audience, with videos often centring around school DIYs and easy crafts. With 1.34 million subscribers, you can definitely draw some inspiration from this colourful channel.


This channel is based around DIYs, art, lifestyle and more. Hosted by Sarah, you can find videos from testing DIY craft kits, to art and craft challenges. Here you can find easy, every day DIYS, plus some more equipment heavy activities, like artful wood burning.

Sea Lemon

Sea Lemon has been going for a decade, and now focusses primarily on bookbinding, stationery and the art of print patterns. Founder, Jennifer has amassed over a million subscribers with her colourful and professional videos.

Very Pink Knits

Very Pink Knits is a channel hosted by a knitwear designer and knitting teacher, so you know you’re in safe hands. With 35 years of experience, Staci Perry creates videos that ease viewers into advanced techniques such as socks, sweaters and colour work knitting. You can also check out Staci’s website for the blog, knitting patterns and even a podcast!

Annika Victoria

Annika Victoria hosts a sewing YouTube channel that is perfect for those wanting to get into dressmaking. Three focuses listed on this channel are DIY clothes, thrifting, and ethical fashion. Here, you can learn how to upcycle old garments, as well as create amazing pieces from scratch.

Annika utilises interaction from her audience to decide what projects to film next, keeping things exciting and relevant. So, with videos for all levels of sewing, this is a fantastic channel to help unleash your inner tailor!

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