Royalty free music legend Kevin MacLeod embraces the Synchedin Spotlight once again as his timeless jazzy hit Local Forecast joins Synchedin.

Kevin MacLeod is an American composer who needs no introduction by this point in his career. Having written over 2,000 pieces of original, royalty free music and holding countless film & TV sync placements to his name, Kevin MacLeod has truly carved out a name for himself in the digital age of music. Amazingly, his 2019 composition Monkeys Spinning Monkeys is among the most played songs on TikTok ever, gathering over 31 billion plays in the first 6 months of 2021 alone! It is quite fair to say that it is statistically very unlikely that you’ve never heard one of Kevin MacLeod’s compositions out in the wild somewhere!

Our Synchedin Spotlight tune this week, Local Forecast, is an older track from the mighty MacLeod catalogue, having first appeared online in 2013. Kevin himself describes this track as a “spritely little jazz hybrid piece”. Many creators who have used this track commonly describe it as “the best music for waiting/elevator/background” scenes, and that it’s the best music to put “in an elevator speaker”.

So, he did exactly that! MacLeod released 2 alternate versions of Local Forecast shortly after the composition’s original release: a slower version and an “elevator” version. “This tempo has a very should-be-in-a-lift vibe.”, Kevin writes, “So I processed it and mixed it to sound like crappy elevator speakers. Why not go all the way?” – why not indeed! Interestingly, fans of Local Forecast seem to have heard the slower version (which is rendered at roughly 10bpm slower than the original) more than the original, as many listeners claim that the original version feels “sped up” or that it’s played at “double speed”.

Personally, Local Forecast feels very nostalgic for us, in ways that we can’t quite put our fingers on! Knowing Kevin’s awe-inspiring yet subtle influence over royalty free music of the last decade, it’s more than likely that we’ve played a video game, or seen a cartoon, which features Kevin MacLeod’s jazzy number Local Forecast.

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