Ah, the euphoria of that Friday feeling. Keep it topped up with this week’s Synchedin Spotlight: the energising Nice To Me by Eloi El!

Eloi Muhoranimana, aka Eloi El, is a 22-year-old East African music producer and singer/songwriter. As one Rwanda’s most promising names on the electronic music scene, he is known for his electronic dance tracks best. He has released music with labels such as We Are Diamond, Loudkult, Reven Beats. It is through the label Day of Dose House that Eloi has joined the Synchedin catalogue.

Nice To Me is a demonstration of Eloi El’s decade-long musical experience and talent. The musician has stated that one of his aims is to “positively impact people’s lives” through music. This track certainly goes some way to doing just that.

Smooth, soft vocals introduce the song, backed by ambient synth pads and a bright arpeggiator. Static piano chords provide a warmth and depth, contributing to the build that’s felt before the drop of the chorus. Softness is retained in the vocal chops, whilst deep synth bass and electronic drums provide a driven movement. The skill in Eloi El’s production is exhibited as he amps up the chorus with clever layering of synth sounds and further rhythmic devices.

Vocal prowess is shown by way of the pre-chorus melody. The tune is hooky and memorable, yet varied and interesting. A broad range creates space within the track, contributing to the overall sense of freedom, joy and euphoria. As the track fades out and layers drop away, we are able to appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into the production.

Eloi El is passionate about championing new and young artists. An admirable trait, that we feel makes him all the more deserving of being spotlighted himself!

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