Following their Best Multiplayer win at The Game Awards, indie game developers Innersloth have announced a new airship map for Among Us. Check out the details right here!

If you are not yet familiar with Among Us, it is an online social deduction game set in space. Completing tasks on board the ship, you must figure out who the imposter among you is before all your crewmates have been ruthlessly killed. Tension comes from having to prove your own innocence and point suspicion towards others. Among Us was initially released in June 2018, gaining a very modest 19 players by November of that year. However, the game shot to popularity in 2020, perhaps having the socially restrictive pandemic to thank in part.

On November 18th Innersloth teased at the new airship map on their Twitter page.

The new airship map includes new tasks for players to complete and boasts elaborate new features. Ladders and elevators must be used to access different areas of the ship. The map will also feature a variety of spawn points, in order to avoid players clustering together after meetings like sitting ducks! A greater level of colour and detail adds to the slickness of the map compared to that of the game’s humble 2018 beginnings.

The new map has been slated for early 2021, so not too long to wait until you can explore the new look online multiplayer. You might be missing physical game nights with your mates, so why not try out Among Us? Grab it with a 20% discount on Steam, offer available until 14/12/2020.