Drone footage is awesome to watch and film, but can often be scuppered by pesky wind. Here’s how to stabilise shaky footage for free with DaVinci Resolve!

DaVinci Resolve is a fantastic free video editing software famed for its advanced colour grading capabilities. Creating a piece of green screen footage in Resolve is simple, great fun, and a brilliant way to create cool effects within film or video.

With technology so advanced, filming options are vast. The types of cameras and shots to choose from are endless. Tracking shots filmed from drone-mounted cameras are hugely popular and versatile. If you’re a travel vlogger wanting to capture some stunning landscapes, filming from the sky is a godsend. However, sometimes nature and the environment has other ideas. You can of course rely on a camera’s built-in stabilisation, as well as gimbals or mounts, but this isn’t always enough. Particularly in the case of drones, having your camera buffeted about on the breeze can ruin a beautifully fluid take.

Check out this video from Ripple Training, in which Alexis Van Hurkman demonstrates how to stabilise footage in a pinch using DaVinci Resolve.

Stabilisation can be achieved in three straightforward steps: Image analysis, selecting stabilisation settings, and then hitting the Stabilise button.

So, now you can capture stunning shots of the sweeping savannah, or even just the local supermarket car park, without having to wait for total stillness. This method can also be applied to other types of footage, such as shots captured on a crane, like in the tutorial.

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