It’s no surprise it’s this ultra talented composer’s second time in the spotlight. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Passion by Borrtex!

Borrtex, aka Daniel Bordovsky, is an incredibly prolific Czech pianist. Beginning his piano playing at the young age of six, Borrtex decided to compose and produce his own music in 2017. His Spotify profile is testimony to his work ethic, with 13 albums and several singles available. One of these albums being his latest work Harmony, released in December 2020.

Passion by Borrtex is, unsurprisingly, laden with emotional and evocative layers of keys. Backed by ambient synth pads, sustained chords form a moody and cinematic foundation for the track. Movement comes in the form of simple yet highly effective repeated melodic patterns.

The siren-like alternating notes contribute to a build of tension, which is dramatically broken by strong, sometimes sorrowful, strings.

Again simple in terms of rhythm and pattern, the strings on this track are testament to how something uncomplicated can have a huge impact.

The atmospheric nature of Passion by Borrtex makes its transition into epic and powerful. The use of twinkling, driven sequential melodies on the keys lifts the entire track, heading beautifully into a harmonic shift. A switch from minor to major paints a triumphant and joyful image. Passion is a track with the power to tell stories and summon emotions, using texture and tension to cleverly captivate.

You can keep up to date with what Borrtex is up to by following his Instagram and subscribing to his YouTube channel. To listen to more stunning music like Passion, check out Borrtex on Spotify too!

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