Have you been churning out the short form video content lately? Fancy getting paid for that? Find out how you can earn money with YouTube Shorts!

Okay, we want to be straight with you. As it currently stands, there is no direct way to earn money with YouTube Shorts. That isn’t the end of the article, though – stick with us.

Uploading a video to your YouTube channel is a little different to uploading a YouTube Short. YouTube has allowed users to monetise their channels for some time now. Serious YouTubers have enjoyed massive financial success as a result, being able to buy giant houses off the back of beauty tutorials. This all comes from ad revenue. Content creators try to release videos that will garner more views, which in turn will hopefully increase subscribers. This, generally, is the path towards earning more money through YouTube.

However, YouTube Shorts is ad-free right now. This means no opportunity for monetisation through ad revenue. This could change in the future, though. If you’ve been enjoying Shorts without interruption from adverts, then this could be a bummer, but it does mean a potential money-maker for you. Swings and roundabouts.

You shouldn’t abandon YouTube Shorts altogether if your goal is to earn money through YouTube. Although indirect, the short-form video feature can lead more people to your channel and get them watching your content. So, if you have a flair for both snappy content, and the old-fashioned longer stuff, get your Shorts on!

Could You Get Lucky?

Those of you who are feeling particularly optimistic and lucky might be interested to learn about the YouTube Shorts Fund. Undoubtedly an incentive to encourage usage of the new feature, the fund is being offered to content creators making original and unique content on Shorts. Those whose videos receive the highest engagement and interaction will be offered money in return for valuable feedback on the new feature.

Over the next year or so, YouTube is going to be handing out a grand total of $100m. Whilst you can’t apply for the fund yourself, you never know – you could be one of the lucky few who YouTube hand-picks for the fund. Currently, the fund is only being offered to creators based in the US, UK, India and Brazil. But, it’s possible that the offering could be extended to a wider range of global territories.