The sun is shining, the coats have been put away, and the barbecues are being fired up. So, why not look at where you can find Christmas stock music all year round?

It’s pretty much the furthest away from Christmas you can get in the calendar right now. It’s almost so inappropriate to talk about Christmas that it’s appropriate, right? After all, if you’re in Australia then a sweltering holiday season is nothing special.

Although Christmas comes but once a year, you can create content all of the other 364 days. If you’re super on it, you may well be working on a festive project in June. If so, I bet you’re the type of person who’s up at 5am on Christmas morning peeling potatoes.

This means that you could actually have a need for Christmas stock music during June. But, why does it need to be stock music?

Why Stock Music?

Stock music, also known as royalty free music, refers to music that can be used without you having to pay royalties to the rights holder every time the track is used. This type of music is great for accompanying projects where the budget may be a little limited.

The temptation to just use Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas smash will be strong. But, it’s important to resist the urge. Sadly, using music that you don’t have the appropriates rights to can lead to some copyright issues down the line. You can receive DMCA strikes if you use copyrighted music in a Twitch stream, for instance. And if you want to license a famous track, chances are you’re going to be a bit stunned by the cost.

Find Christmas Stock Music

Whether you’ve created a holiday greetings card video, or you’re planning a festive feature over on your YouTube channel, the music makes all the difference.

At Synchedin, we offer a fantastic library of Christmas stock music, to cover all your festive content needs.

If you need some inspiration, check out our Happy Holidays – Seasonal Sounds collection. A mixture of Christmassy stock music and seasonal sound effects to assist in achieving that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling!

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