DefRay recently landed on Synchedin, and their single Question Everything is guaranteed to elevate your content to explosive new heights.

DefRay are a 4-piece band consisting of members from previous bands Members of Servers, Freeze The Atlantic, In Atmospheres and Kill Chaos. They are a band whose members have experienced every facet of the music industry. The initial reasoning for the project was to unite to write and record with no agenda, and to see what the result would be.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a humble drumstick count in. The track doesn’t remain humble for long. Epically boisterous guitars fill the speakers as soon as that tempo has been established.

After some spectacular, guitar harmonies, the gruff, male vocals enter. The strong verse grooves carry just as much weight as the explosive introduction.

Before long, a beautiful lead guitar decorates broken chords, while the rhythm guitars get even gnarlier for a powerhouse chorus. The vocals give the guitars space to breathe, as he sings the track title “you make me question everything”.

In true alternative rock style, the 2nd verse begins with some fun studio EQing and drum effects. It’s very easy to hear this ripper of a track on sports or extreme sports montages!

Breaking away from generic alternative rock, DefRay use a magnificent chord out of the original key at the end of the 2nd chorus to tie them perfectly into the bridge section. It’s the kind of songwriting you don’t hear on Kerrang! these days! It’s truly a shining gem of alternative rock, and we’re honoured to have DefRay’s tunes available on Synchedin.

You can download all of DefRay’s punchy alternative rock catalogue exclusively on Synchedin.

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