Laughing is good for the soul, and it’s also great for your content. Get your audience chuckling along with these Laughter Sounds from Synchedin!

Sound design is there for you when your video needs an extra lift. The desired atmosphere and feel isn’t always captured in the footage alone. Whether you make vlogs for a YouTube channel, or you’re shooting promotional videos for products, you’ll need Foley and sound effects at some point.

What Laughter Means

Sometimes, content needs an injection of comic relief. Laughter comes in many forms, and signals a number of things. Most obviously, laughter tends to mean something was funny. So, if you’re making comedy content, adding in some canned laughter can help promote the funny feels.

If somebody is feeling nervous they might laugh. It’s a reaction that some people just can’t help, but a lot of people can relate to. Or, laughter can be used to create an unsettling atmosphere. If a character in a production is evil or unhinged, nothing sends this message like a good, distasteful cackle.

People might laugh if something is horrendously unfunny too. It’s all in how the laughter sounds and is delivered. Sarcastic laughter does as much heavy lifting in setting a tone or telling a story as genuine laughter does.

Life Without Laughter

Have you ever been challenged to watch something and not laugh? It’s really, really hard. Try it now, and see how you get on.

We laugh in so many situations throughout our days, that suddenly losing laughter would leave a gaping void. This definitely also goes for video content. Just to prove the point, take a look at this excruciating scene from Friends, where the laugh track has been removed.

Sorry to any devout Friends fans (but also really not sorry). In the name of fairness, let’s give The Big Bang Theory the same treatment.

The painful length of the gaps between dialogue, where laughter has been removed, goes to show just how significant of a part laughter sounds play in TV, film, and video.

Synchedin Laughter Sounds

We’ve got a brilliant, belly-busting collection of laughter sounds to fit all sorts of content. If you’re creating a video game and need a menacing laugh for a hard-to-beat boss, we’ve got you.

Equally, if you’re looking for SFX for your YouTube content, whether it’s to add a charming self-deprecating element to match your dad jokes or to simply highlight a funny moment, there are sounds here for that too!

All the sounds in the Laughter Sounds collection are licensed to be used in both commercial and personal projects. There’s no need to worry about the copyright side of things either, since we’ve taken care of that for you.

Simply download, edit into your content, sit back and laugh at how easy it all was!