birthdiy bedroom indie rockers Seventeen Years have released their new album bedroom gloom, where raspbunny is this week’s Spotlight song.

Seventeen Years, also known as Anthony, is an indie pop rock solo artist from Kansas City, Missouri. He describes his music as ‘depression sessions with a hint of lemon’ and goes on to humbly describe himself as ‘genuinely bad at social media’. Luckily, you don’t have to be an ace on the algorithms to know how to make a Spotlight track.

Tony first began uploading music publicly 8 years ago in 2016, when he posted his SoundCloud debut Obsessed. While this debut is more of a dance track at heart, it’s interesting to hear how Tony’s use of ambient layers and sounds has transferred exceptionally well over into the dream pop and indie rock genres, as his musical skills have developed and matured over time.

Since finding his footing in the world of lo-fi bedroom pop, Tony has gone on to release an astounding 8 full length records on Spotify since 2016. That’s one full length album per year! The majority of Seventeen Years’ albums and singles are published by both Spirit Goth and birthdiy labels.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, raspbunny, begins with a lively drum fill. Bright, plucky guitar notes fill the stereo space. Seventeen Yearsraspbunny dishes out cool, laid back, surfer boy vibes. Simultaneously, this week’s Spotlight track effortlessly maintains momentum and positive, upbeat energy. We think this track would suit a vlog montage, highlight reel or even an indie film scene a bit too perfectly.

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