Looking for tracks worthy of a double O agent for your latest espionage film project? Here’s where to find James Bond royalty free music!

Possibly the most well-known spy (not ideal in his line of work), James Bond is known for his penchant for classic cars, shaken Martinis, and deft way with the ladies. There are currently 26 Bond films, with Dr. No kicking off the series in 1963.

Something else that has become somewhat synonymous with the action-packed spy thriller series is music. The opening title sequence of the Bond films has featured some iconic artists. Dame Shirley Bassey and Nancy Sinatra are certified classics, with contemporary artists like Jack White and Adele adding to the franchise in more recent years. Billie Eilish was the choice for the latest postponed film, No Time To Die, which will (hopefully) be released in 2022.

Composer John Barry is to be thanked for penning the instantly recognisable James Bond Theme. This is the rattly, ultra-cool guitar motif often used in the opening of the films.

As you can see, music plays a big role in the Bond films. So, it makes sense to add some fantastic music to your very own spy film project.

Find James Bond Royalty Free Music

Unfortunately, you can’t just grab tracks from previous soundtracks or popular artists, without paying for the licensing – which can be pretty pricey. A simple but highly effective solution to this is royalty free music.

But, where can you find James Bond royalty free music? We definitely have the answer to that question.

Synchedin offers a huge library of awesome royalty free music, available to be used in all sorts of creative projects. All tracks have the sync license covered. This means you can share projects on sites like YouTube, and not run into any copyright issues anywhere down the line.

Inspired by James Bond

At Synchedin, we love a good collection. Our Collections page plays host to a load of themed playlists of music and sound effects (SFX). Here, you can find sounds perfect for chilled out cooking, or all things nature and outdoorsy.

One of our latest collections is Inspired by James Bond. A collection of Bond inspired tracks, from the cool and retro, to the ominous and cinematic. Featuring amazing artists like Si Spex and Kevin Macleod, we’ve made it easy for you to find James Bond royalty free music!

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