Minimalist piano composer Borrtex delivers their new album Natural, where the ambient single Almighty is this week’s Spotlight track.

Borrtex, also known as Daniel Bordovský, is a young music composer, pianist, producer and writer from Prague, Czech Republic. His music has been featured in over 5,000 international projects since he began composing at age 18. The beautifully cinematic and atmospheric nature of Borrtex’s music has landed him sync deals with media giants such as Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime to name a few.

Daniel’s latest album, Natural, dropped on November 1st. This album follows a theme of organic minimalist piano composition, and is perfect for individuals looking for a spot of easy listening. Much like Borrtex’s discography, his new album is piano driven and utilises a plethora of ambient techniques to develop luscious, slow-moving soundscapes.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Almighty, is the last track of Borrtex’s latest album. It begins with a deep, almost meditative like ambience. Gradually, a slow moving piano harmony enters underneath the aforementioned soundscape.

It’s particularly easy to close your eyes and let this composition wash over you. Before long, the ambient layer which begins the track has grown and developed into an intense wall of strings and synths. This layer becomes so thick and mesmerising you feel you can almost reach out and physically touch it.

It’s no wonder Borrtex has landed his music in over 5,000 different projects. Daniel’s particularly masterful blend of piano intricacy and ambient subtly has delivered 100s of sync-ready cinematic compositions over the years. We think Borrtex’s music would accompany cinematic movie scene, emotional TV moments and inspirational speeches superbly.

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