Royalty free music producer Simon Jomphe Lepine enters the Synchedin Spotlight once more with their single Fierce Determination.

Simon Jomphe Lepine is a music producer specialising in copyright-claim free music to be used in multimedia content such as YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikToks etc. This is Lepine’s umpteenth time as the official Synchedin Spotlight artist. With consistently fantastic music as theirs, it’s easy to understand why!

Simon Jomphe Lepine‘s goal oriented mind set began at the young age of 8, when they began to teach themselves the piano. Since becoming a self-taught pianist, Lepine’s strive for excellence has only got stronger throughout the years.

Lepine has years of experience as a professional music composer. They have developed many useful techniques and skills, and have worked alongside celebrities, established artists and Grammy nominees from Montreal to Los Angeles.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Fierce Determination, begins with a metallic, hand pan melody. This is filtered up through the frequency range, before a truly mean sounding bass synth and drum beat enter.

Instantly, Fierce Determination solidifies itself as a strong trap instrumental tune. The rapid fire trap beat hi-hats make themselves known, letting listeners know that this is a strong, authentic melodic trap beat through and through. You can easily sync this song alongside a fitness montage, a tech unboxing vid, or even as a podcast intro theme. You could even use this song as a fantastic rap instrumental.

Our favourite part of Fierce Determination is the way the bouncy, metallic lead line interacts with the huge, distorted bass synth sounds. This track is a mean feat in its own right, while maintaining a serious level of cool throughout.

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