Fresh to Synchedin artist Justin Jet Zorbas climbs up to this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with his chilled out collab, Reaching the Summit.

Justin Jet Zorbas is an Australian music producer and sound designer that specializes in chilled out electronic music as well as ambient, cinematic fantasy music. He is an avid gamer, who also composes fantastic soundtracks for games too.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Reaching the Summit, is a collaboration piece with fellow chill electronic music producer Andy Leech. For the last decade, Scotland-based producer Andy Leech has been honing his craft in creating aural soundscapes. The music producer is known for his relaxing soundtracks and has garnered himself a substantial online following as a result.

Our Spotlight track this week begins with a deeply atmospheric soundscape fading in from a far away distance. Delicate piano notes introduce a harmonic rhythm. As the mood of this piece gradually reveals itself, emotional vocals slowly filter in.

The soundscape is left to drift dramatically, before a tight, laid back drum groove secures the pulse. The vocals atmospherically waft through the mix as her reiterations of the lyric “loving you” firmly cement this track in the downtempo music subgenre.

After the chillstep inspired groove breaks apart, a beautifully atmospheric section enters. This section of Reaching the Summit is absolutely perfect to accompany a melancholic movie scene.

Justin Jet Zorbas composes music which is perfect for syncing with epic cinematic moment and delicate emotional scenes. You may also find Justin’s music perfect for meditation ambiances or to feature in your yoga themed YouTube channel.

You can download all of Justin Jet Zorbas‘ cinematic music catalogue by signing up to Synchedin today.

Justin Jet Zorbas is also a Synchedin sound designer and Foley artist – click here to check out Justin’s royalty free sound effects and Foley!