In advertising, it doesn’t have to be all energy and fast-paced. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Check out Synchedin‘s Downtempo Corporate Music collection!

Whether you’re a large, recognisable brand, or a new business starting its journey, you need to pay attention to advertising. Making sure you market yourself properly can be the difference between boom or bust.

The majority of successful advertisements tell a compelling story, grab the audience’s attention, and feature fantastic music. It can be easy to imagine that high octane action, bright colours, and pumping music makes for a stellar ad. Whilst this is true in many cases, it’s not a set-in-stone rule for everyone.

As a concept, this also applies to corporate music. This type of music can be used at networking events, in business presentation, or digital marketing materials. The aim is to engage and hook people in, but it doesn’t need to be aggressive.

Of course, we value upbeat advert music, just as we recognise that upbeat corporate music certainly has its place. But, what about taking a softer approach?

Benefits of Downtempo Music

Using downtempo music for corporate events, marketing, or presentations is great for a number of reasons. If you’re struggling to think of them right now, we can lay them out for you.

  1. It’s unexpected. We’ve all heard the reverse cymbal intro splashing into upbeat palm muted electric guitar tracks. So much so, that it’s bordering on cheesy. Taking a steadier approach will catch your audience off-guard, and intrigue them as to what’s coming next.
  2. It’s emotional. In marketing, people talk about “pain points”. It’s a technique where you identify your target customer’s common problems, and talk about them in an empathetic way before offering an irresistable solution. At times, it involves tugging on heart strings. This same principle can be applied across numerous situations, and downtempo music really helps to hit a message home, whilst awakening audience’s emotions.
  3. It’s expressive. One of the best ways to deliver information, persuade people, or promote an idea/product is through storytelling. Slower paced music is super expressive, helping to paint a vivid picture in an audience’s heads.

Find Downtempo Corporate Music

Now, you might be sold on the idea of using steadier music in your next corporate project, but you’ll have to find some first.

Sadly, you can’t just snap up any song you fancy. Sure, using a TikTok trendy downtempo remix of a mainstream hit is tempting, but it might land you in hot water… of the copyright variety.

To avoid any legal bother or DMCA hassle, it’s best to stick with royalty free music. This ensures everyone is kept happy, whilst allowing you the freedom to be creative without concern. At Synchedin, all available music is royalty free AND has the sync license covered, so you can use it in any kind of content project.

We’ve put together the Downtempo Corporate Music collection, so you can perfect your corporate YouTube videos, or give business presentations some penache.

Discover steady yet soul-stirring tracks from fantastic artists like SoulProdMusic, RinkevichMusic, and Helkimer. Choose between sustained piano chords, twinkling synth sounds, and warm acoustic guitar. Or, have it all!