Underwater cinematography can be an awesome addition to any film or video, but you need to make sure you have the right equipment. Check out how to safely film in water here!

There are loads of incredible videos on YouTube and Vimeo focussing on surfing, sailing, other water sports and aquatic nature. Capturing great submarine footage is somewhat of an art. The type of video you want to film will dictate the camera and lenses you use. If you want to sit inside of waves and shoot surfers getting barrelled, then you can anticipate a lot of tumbling about. If you intend on smoothly following turtles gliding through a reef, then stabilisation will also be important here. However, you can have the perfect camera, but you need to make it waterproof.

If you’re not careful about the gear you use, you could end up losing some great cameras to the salty sea. In order to avoid a devastating leakage, you need to pick a decent underwater camera housing. Check out this video for tips on protecting your camera and how to nail the perfect underwater set up.

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