Arpeggiator aficionado Kodomo has arrived on Synchedin, where his eclectic electronica single Red Giant is this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

Kodomo, aka Chris Child, is an Emmy Award-winning electronic music composer. The alias is Japanese for “child” to reflect his childhood upbringing in Japan. He is now based in New York, and primarily composes music for games developers.

Child’s work draws inspiration from ambient, IDM and orchestral music styles. He describes his music as “often melodic and dreamlike in nature”. This is no exception for this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Red Giant, which boasts over 1 million streams on Kodomo’s Spotify.

Red Giant begins with a frantic yet delicate arpeggiator. After a few iterations of this, a heavily processed drum beat enters with a bass synth that would not sound out of place in an Aphex Twin track.

The touch-and-go nature of this groove gives Chris a lot of opportunities to add glitchy little decorations to the drums and surrounding sounds, placing this track firmly in the ambient/IDM/experimental electronic music circles.

After plenty of rhythmic twists and turns, a legato style melody echoes across the top of the already established digital soundscape. Chris then slightly blends out the frantic and ever-changing arps and drums, to allow the melody some space to breathe. All the elements return for a 2nd chorus section, this time with plenty more glitchy moments and alterations to keep you on your toes at all times.

Bringing things right back down again after this section, it feels as though the whole song loops back round on itself. That is, until the angelic vocals pierce through the mix. Cinematically, Child builds the piece up once more to a thrilling and digitally delightful conclusion.

It’s hard not to imagine this exciting electronic track as the backing music for an exciting sci-fi chase scene, or maybe even for a tech highlight YouTube video.

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