We’ve talked a lot about the power of playlists around here. But, wait! How do you make a YouTube playlist? Let us explain.

Playlists on YouTube are important for several reasons. They play a significant role in increasing views and gaining subscribers. This is because they allow you to show off your best content, and curate videos into bingeable series. Additionally, they help you to keep your channel organised and visually appealing. After all, you can’t expect people to browse your channel if it’s a total mess!

Utilising playlists also enables you to grow your channel using YouTube analytics. Having more avenues for collecting data about your content is all valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. This extra information can inform how you go about creating content in the future, as well as how you package it for viewers.

So, now you know just how important and valuable they are, how do you make a YouTube playlist? Here’s the simple step-by-step process!


  1. Choose the video you wish to feature in the playlist, and hit SAVE beneath the video
  1. Choose Create a new playlist
  2. Give the playlist a title, and select whether you want to make it private, public, or unlisted

That’s it. Playlist created!

Now that you have created a new playlist, it will show in the left sidebar as you’re browsing YouTube. Simply click on it in order to edit the playlist settings. From here you can change the privacy settings, alter the title and description, and reorder the videos within the playlist. You can also delete a playlist from this section as well, if you’re having a channel clear out.

This method of creating playlists is also ideal for putting together compilations of other people’s content. By creating the playlist whilst you’re browsing YouTube, you can save content that catches your eye as you discover it.