Your gaming skills may be next level, but are your Twitch streams missing something? Find out where to get free music to play in the background here!

You might be streaming on Twitch with the aim of making a career of it, or simply for a bit of fun. Becoming an affiliate will enable you to earn a bit of money through streaming, but does rely on having a decent following. There are a few way you can increase viewers on the site. You could consider how to title a stream to increase viewers, or think about adding some exciting music. If you’re really serious, and you dream of becoming a Twitch partner, these are the details that really make the difference.

Now, there are a few rules around adding music. Unfortunately, you can’t use any track you like on a Twitch stream. So, what music can you use? You need to make sure tracks are in the public domain or licensed correctly. Paying to have tracks licensed can quickly become a costly business.

You can find free music for Twitch streams on Synchedin! Our huge library of royalty free music has the sync license covered, meaning you won’t run into any issues if you use it online. Simply sign up to Synchedin and browse through different moods and genres, or check out our curated playlists. We think you’ll love our Gaming Tracks playlist. You can even create your own playlists of your favourite tracks, without paying a thing!