In a world obsessed by short form video, we’re asking “what is a vlog?”. We’ll also look at whether there’s still a place for them in the age of TikTok.

We’re all about video nowadays. I don’t just mean here at Synchedin, I’m talking about everywhere. Every business you look at is sharing YouTube Shorts, or coming up with TikTok ideas to grow their brand. It almost feels like it’s only worth creating content that’s less than 2 minutes long. But, is that really the case?

Before TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, video content was focussed largely around vlogging. If you somehow missed this phenomenon and went straight onto scrolling through short form feeds, let us explain vlogging real quick.

What Is a Vlog

A portmanteau of video and blog, vlogs are pieces of longer form video content. Largely shared on platforms like YouTube, a vlog can be about pretty much any topic.

Often times, when we think of vlogging, we picture a single person – the vlogger – facing the camera and talking to you (the vlogee?). However, the term covers all sorts of content and be shot in a variety of formats. Generally, vlogs are akin to video diaries, but with more attention paid to production and editing.

Are Vlogs Still Relevant?

You might be thinking, “ugh, who even has time to watch vlogs any more, Grandma?” And if you are, go to your room. Well, okay, don’t. But, let me explain why you shouldn’t completely cast vlogs aside, both as a viewer and a creator.

The popularity for short form video has rocketed largely due to its accessibility to create. They don’t take long, or require lots of expensive equipment or heaps of videography knowledge. They’re easily and instantly shareable, and the fast pace keeps them fun.

Because the concept is pretty new, lots of platforms, like Instagram, are pushing shorter content. Reels is favouring original content, meaning creative account are enjoying more reach and engagement as a result. So, if you’re growing a business or trying to make a name for yourself, it makes sense to hop on the short form train.

We can’t survive on snacks though, we need a full meal from time to time. That’s where the importance of vlogs lies. Here are just a handful of reasons why vlogging is still a good idea:

  • Vlogs share more in-depth information
  • Vlogs can be the base that short form video leads people to
  • Vlogging can help businesses grow, increasing trustworthiness and familiarity
  • Longer videos allow for more creative expression
  • In a visual word, vlogging takes the place of written blogs

That final point I’ve made might seem a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, but actually you can vlog AND blog, if you want a seriously strong marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to share specialised knowledge, or tell stories and share your personality, try vlogging. We’ve got a bunch of vlogging tips for businesses, as well as information on the best vlogging kits for beginners. Oh, and we’ve got video editing software recommendations too, especially for vloggers.

Don’t forget to add music to your vlogs, and make them extra engaging and entertaining!

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