Did someone spill some jazz in this liquid drum & bass? We’re clinging to summer with this week’s Synchedin Spotlight. It’s sunshine by Skeptic!

Skeptic is a young music producer and DJ from Buckinhamshire, UK. Already boasting an album release on Spotify, which takes a darker DnB approach, Skeptic’s releases grow progressively lighter. His latest release, which is basking in the spotlight this week, moves firmly but fluently into the liquid DnB space.

The track in question, sunshine, is a gorgeous blend of DnB rhythms, soulful vocals, and sophisticated jazzy harmonies. Diving right in, the high energy electronic drums are gently punctuated by airy, tubular synth. Those warm, soulful vocals typical of liquid DnB also join the mix early doors, giving the track a beautiful smoothness.

The warmth of sunshine is bolstered by punchy, luxurious brass, which replaces the relentless beat and lends a decidedly jazzy flavour to proceedings. Trumpet grace notes aplenty, a level of sophistication is created thanks to this, as well as the chordal roaming and varying piano inversions. Layers of rich vocal harmonies precede a return of the frantic beat and a juxtaposing placid vocal line. All the while, tinkling piano – that wouldn’t be out of place in a classy dining establishment – lingers complementarily in the background.

It’s when all these separate elements come together that the track really becomes something special. A joy of expertly integrated contrasting components, sunshine is a track that caters to relaxation as well as excitement all at once.

Throughout the track, we are pushed and pulled between stripped back, blissful sections, and more driven, lively moments. All this culminates in a bassy, trumpet laden final stretch. The delicious crackle of vinyl is heard as the charging drum beat abruptly halts, making way for a much steadier rhythm, accented by hand claps which create an almost gospel feel.

sunshine truly is an exciting fusion, creatively borrowing numerous ingredients from varying genres to produce a luxurious and melodic EDM track.

You’re not going to want to miss anything Skeptic comes out with in the future, so be sure to give him a follow on Instagram and SoundCloud.