If splashy, retro drum beats are your thing then we’ve got a treat for you. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Perfect by Simon Jomphe Lépine!

One of our Synchedin Subscriber Favourites for May, we’re welcoming Simon Jomphe Lépine back into the Synchedin Spotlight. A prolific composer and producer, Lépine (aka. Nomis) writes for established artists and record labels.  He also shares his creative magic by composing for television, video game, advertisement and web content.

Perfect is your royalty free answer to tunes à la The Weeknd. Synth pop in all its glory, this track is layers of mellow yet funky electronic goodness.

Ambient synth underlines a bouncy, simple melodic opening. The stable and patterned drum beat splashes in, bringing with it the weighty synth bass. With each added layer, the polyphony of the track is strengthened until a pulsating futuristic-in-the-80s mass is formed.

A reprieve midway through the track reinforces its chilled-out feel, and allows for a rebuilding of layers. This cleverly placed pause allows for each synth sound to have its moment in the sun. The reconstruction of the layered effect enables a point of appreciation for the simultaneous fullness but crispness of the mix.

The track fades as blissfully as it begins, with an outro section that could be the backing track of a soothing lullaby. Perfect is a fantastic blend of retro and laid-back, but funky and driven. This makes it a stylish track for commercial videos, and is spot on with current pop trends.

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