Now that we offer royalty free music, sound effects and images, you might be wondering about a combined Synchedin subscription. We’ve got the answers for you here!

When Synchedin first bust its way onto the scene, it was solely about awesome royalty free music. We were furiously championing independent artists for content creators to use in the background of videos and as soundtracks for streams. We still are! But, since then, we’ve steadily grown, adding multiple royalty free and creative commons assets, such as sound effects (SFX) and, most recently, images.

When it comes to pricing and subscriptions, we’ve kept it accessible and competitive. This is because we firmly believe that content creation should be open to everybody. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or you’re being creative with a limited budget.

Now that there are a number of assets available on the site, what does this mean for your Synchedin subscription?

Combined or Separate Subscriptions?

Currently, we’re keeping subscriptions for assets separate. What exactly does this mean?

You can access unlimited downloads of all royalty free music tracks for either $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year. An annual subscription will bag you a tidy saving of $9.89 – that’s essentially two months free!

A SFX subscription is available for $3.99 per month, or $39.99 per year – with the annual plan saving you $7.89 each year. The same pricing applies for an images subscription.

So, if you fancied being able to download a tonne of music, and also need some professional SFX to add to your YouTube content, you can subscribe to each plan separately.

Will You Be Introducing Bundle Subscriptions?

We understand that being able to opt for a bundle subscription, with one simple price is more suitable for many people. We hear you. This is why a bundle Synchedin subscription option is in the works.

We’ll let you know about it in more detail when we’re closer to launch!

Sign up to Synchedin today to begin browsing our extensive catalogue of royalty free and creative commons assets. If you’re a student filmmaker, newbie travel vlogger, or an aspiring Twitch affiliate, we guarantee you’ll find something to elevate your content.

Subscribe now, and let your content reach its full, shiny potential.