It’s exactly one month until Christmas Day! Time for our first festive Synchedin SpotlightChristmas Snowflake Waltz by Michael Herter.

Michael Herter, also known as Sibviolin or Audio Music Library on Instagram, is a professional violinist, composer and music producer. His impressive and extensive catalogue of music spans across classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop and many other genres. He has been a signature staple of the Synchedin catalogue since he was first signed on, and we always look forward to his new releases being added to the platform.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Christmas Snowflake Waltz, is a delightfully jaunty festive number through and through. Beginning with a particularly cute sounding glockenspiel melody, it’s obvious how well suited this waltz is to accompany Christmas commercials, unboxing content and any other festive features you have in mind!

Before long, the tune repeats itself with plucked pizzicato violin strings instead of glockenspiel. This section is, of course, accompanied by sleigh bells (it’s definitely Christmas now!).

After a particularly satisfying round through the circle of fifths, a huge crescendo loops us back round to the initial melody. This time, the tune is carried by plucked strings and decorated with some cute, delicate glockenspiel work.

We believe Michael Herter’s Christmas Snowflake Waltz is the perfect track to sync with your upcoming Christmas content.

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