No project is complete without some great tunes. Here’s where you can find stock music, all royalty free and with the sync license covered!

What is Stock Music?

Stock music, also known as royalty free music, refers to music that can be used without you having to pay royalties to the rights holder every time the track is used. This type of music is great for accompanying projects where the budget may be a little limited.

The temptation to just use your favourite track by a chart topping artist is going to be strong. But, it’s important to resist the urge. Sadly, using music that you don’t have the appropriates rights to can lead to some copyright issues down the line. You can receive DMCA strikes if you use copyrighted music in a Twitch stream, for instance. And if you want to license a famous track, chances are you’re going to be a bit stunned by the cost.

Where to Find Royalty Free Music

At Synchedin we offer a huge library of fantastic stock music, all with the sync license covered. This means you can add tracks to your podcasts, Instagram Live streams, indie films and more! Once you download a track it’s yours to keep and use forever on any project, with no hidden fees. For just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum you can subscribe and get unlimited download access to the entire Synchedin catalogue.

If you’re someone who loves a good livestream, but doesn’t want to broadcast flat, silence-filled content then Synchedin is here for you. You can play our library in the background of streams for free. Check out the curated playlists, or compile your favourite tracks without having to pay a thing!