We’re stoked to announce that the new Collections feature is now live on Synchedin. Find out more here, and start building collections of your very own!

Who doesn’t love a playlist? All your favourite tracks in one carefully curated place, for your own enjoyment or to share with the world. But, we don’t think that playlists should be confined to just music!

Since we launched the sound effects platform on the site, we’ve continued to add great SFX as well as awesome royalty free music to our huge library. Great content often requires both music and SFX, whether you’re creating a cinematic masterpiece or a vlog for YouTube. So, we’ve created the Collections feature, enabling you to save your favourite tracks and SFX in one place.

Collection Highlights shines a light on fantastic compilations created by both users and us behind the scenes, hand-picked by us. Shared Collections is a growing home for public selections, so if you’ve been putting together some lists you think others may find useful, you can share them here.

At Synchedin, we’re all about community. Creating may be done by some for their own enjoyment, but a lot of the pleasure is in sharing your creations. We strongly encourage you to put together some collections that will help you with your next projects, and share the love. Maybe you’re working on a horror film with gory SFX and a spooky soundtrack. Someone else out there might be doing just the same, and would benefit hugely from stumbling upon your scary movie collection. You never know, you might then be searching for inspiration for a new fitness vlog and come across that same person’s workout video collection. Life’s better shared, right?