Synchedin legend Valdi Sabev secures this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with his cheerfully chill, laid back new single Thinking About It.

Valdi Sabev was one of the first artists to land his music on Synchedin, and we’re thrilled to have him on board! He also produces music under the aliases Eudlo and Coolum, which are both named after beaches in Australia, interestingly! Valdi composes delightfully chill and laid back easy listening tunes, perfect for winding down to after a long day – or even for syncing to your YouTube content.

This week’s Spotlight, Thinking About It, is one of Valdi’s new single releases. We begin with a mellow-paced acoustic guitar and soft, soothing vocalisations. A laid back, gentle drum loop kicks things off shortly after. A softly strummed banjo can be heard in the first rendition of the chorus, which, of course, is only ever a good thing.

Appropriate for Valdi’s chillhop style, sample chops of what sound like softly played recorders tee us up for the first verse. Delicate, plucky keys decorate the verses as the vocals detail lyrics of romantics. We particularly like the breathy style of vocals heard in this Valdi Sabev track.

After instruments are taken out of the verse following the second chorus, this track gives off singer-songwriter vibes akin to the styles of artists such as KT Tunstall.

The recorder samples appear again and give the bridge section an almost Beatles-esque feel, as the vocalist tells us, the listener, “you’ve got me, you’ve got me”.

You can download Thinking About It and use it in your YouTube compilation, podcast or audiobook today!

Head over to Synchedin and subscribe from just $4.99 per month. While you’re there, you can also check out the rest of Valdi Sabev’s excellent catalogue of music in our exclusive Best of Valdi Sabev collection.