We find there’s often a bit of confusion around this subject, so we’re clearing it up. Is royalty free music copyrighted?

As a content creator, you’re probably familiar with copyright laws and the rules around using others’ intellectual property. If you’re not, it’s important you get clued-up, so you don’t get stung later down the line!

However, even if you’re a seasoned creator who understands copyright, the different types of music licensing might still be a little unclear. It’s generally well understood that you can’t just use any song you like in a YouTube video, or Twitch stream, for example. If you do want to use a popular song, you have to pay for it. That can get pretty expensive fast.

Use Royalty Free

Paying for individual songs will get pricey, which is never great for an independent creator’s budget. Plenty of creators use royalty free music instead. There are lots of benefits to using royalty free. It’s affordable, doesn’t require you to pay royalties for every use, and is still great quality.

You can discover heaps of awesome royalty free music on Synchedin. The catalogue is updated daily, with already thousands of tracks from independent artists available to download.

Royalty Free vs Copyright Free

So, where’s the confusion? Well, there are many myths around royalty free music, one of them being that it’s copyright free.

The word “free” often trips people up. There are differences between royalty free and copyright free, in actual fact. You could say that all the best things in life are free. But, everything is free if you steal, and that isn’t a good look. Stealing isn’t cool, kids.

The simple answer to the question, “is royalty free music copyrighted?” is YES.

This type of music is still someone’s intellectual property and belongs to someone, so is therefore under copyright. That’s why you still need to pay for it when you use it, but you only need to pay ONCE to use it FOREVER.

Unlimited Royalty Free Music

If the answer to your question has bummed you out, don’t fret! Just because royalty free music is copyrighted and not free to take as you please, all the music on Synchedin is yours to take for a very appealing price.

As the life of a content creator is pretty changeable, we understand that it’s important to offer plans to suit everyone. That’s why you can subscribe for either $4.99 per month, or $49.99 annually. So, whatever your current financial situation, you can still access high quality royalty free music for your content.

Both subscriptions offer unlimited downloads of the entire music library. That means you’re guaranteed to find the perfect track for your next project.

Sign up to Synchedin today to start exploring some of the finest royalty free music a creator could wish for!