If you need some funky, dance slickness in your life, this week’s Synchedin Spotlight has got you. It’s This Tune by MusicTripMedia!

Professional beat maker, composer and producer, MusicTripMedia, produces gorgeous tracks for YouTube videos and other media projects. Their diverse catalogue spans a huge range of genres, from lo-fi chillhop, to electronic, to funk.

New to Synchedin, This Tune definitely sits at the funkier end of the musical spectrum. Muted clean electric guitar strings scratch a bouncing rhythm before giving way to chordal accents. Melodic bass twiddles underneath, with slides and a hint of cheeky slap so synonymous with good 70s funk. An electronic kick stomps forward from the start, making it impossible not to get sucked into the drive of this tune.

The drums splash into a tambourine and clap laden loop, giving the track a modern dance tune twist. Palm muted guitar strings provide a breath of 00s indie, à la The Gossip, satisfying several areas of anyone’s eclectic musical cravings.

Although it’s just a minute and a half long, there’s clear movement and defines sections. A brief reprieve sees the percussion stripped back to claps, and the guitar getting some serious retro treatment by way of the wah pedal. Everything about This Tune is bright and fun, and MusicTripMedia has created a track that’d perform on any alternative dancefloor.

Beautifully versatile, this track could serve many purposes. Pair it with a commercial, or use it as accompaniment for a time-lapse transformation video.