An explosive collaboration of top EDM artists that’s not to be missed – Andrew Nagy and Kaisemotions‘ thunderous Not Made for This War is Synchedin‘s Spotlight track of the week.

Andrew Nagy, a shining talent within the Chill Trap Records and Future Bass communities, widely known for his impressive catalogue of electrifying tracks. Beautifully coupling hard hitting, crystalline production with catchy, magnificent vocals. To top it off, Kaisemotions provides more than a fair share of his own unique style in this exciting collaboration of EDM music titans. Known for his delicious foley percussion beats, twisted special effects and luscious ambient soundscapes, Kaisemotions compliments Nagy’s style and leaves us wanting more!

Recently added to the ever-growing Synchedin catalogue, Not Made for This War takes us on a relatable journey of heartbreak and hesitancy to love again. The scene is set with melancholic piano chords amidst pattering rain. Distant cries of heartbreak echo as the faint vocals begin to tease what’s to come. After a brief passage of longing takes focus, the signature – almost cinematic – percussive work of Kaisemotions begins to build tension as the drums pound away.

Not a second before the build up gets too intense to handle, a piercing, fantastically distorted cry of “I don’t wanna” cuts right through the ambience, paving the way for the auditory storm about to take place. Fans of powerful sidechaining effects may need to grab a seat for this next section. As the vocal hook goes full throttle, we’re treated to the full potential of Andrew Nagy’s powerhouse production style.

Huge waves of super saws and enormous rising synths duck in and around the beat, as if they are the ocean itself during a fierce thunderstorm. Kaisemotions’ percussive samples dance and decorate their way around the waves, as classic Trap “sprinkler hats” enter and increase the momentum amidst the chaos.

The driving synths and passionate vocals die down, as if exhausted. The stylish foley percussion beat slowly introduced beforehand takes the lead and begins us on our journey towards the second and final sidechain storm of the track.

The track ends with a final reprieve of vocals and piano accompaniment, leaving the listener wondering if there has ever been a more favourable matching of two talented producers before. Not Made for This War is an emotional and relatable tale of longing. Upheld by a strong, professional bed of top quality production and song-writing skills.

The emotional resonance of this track lends itself to many sync applications – perfect for melancholic movie moments, fabulous photo reels or even for gaming stream sessions!