The Outertone Chill catalogue has arrived on Synchedin, and CMT8‘s relaxed lo-fi beat Wait is this week’s Synchedin Spotlight feature.

Outertone Chill is an offshoot of the Outertone and RouteNote Label Family. They are renowned for providing the best Chill out, Ambient and Lofi music, and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce their complete catalogue’s arrival on Synchedin!

CMT8 is an Outertone Chill music producer with several released tracks available for sync licensing exclusively with Synchedin. Other than Wait, CMT8 also has the chillhop tracks Overtime and 9pm (the missed phone call) released on the Outertone Chill label.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a stylistically apt gentle chord progression, nestled amidst a bed of delicate Foley rainfall. An acoustic guitar enters, playing a broken chord. Anyone with a Nintendo Switch in the first global Coronavirus lockdown may have been instantly transported back in time at the first hearing of this guitar. This is because it sounds uncannily familiar to music from the hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is only ever a good thing and, naturally, Wait features in our Royalty Free Animal Crossing Music collection.

A Foley filled lo-fi beat ties the music together, bringing a beautifully written piano call and response part into the equation with it. The full beat still remains very natural, calming and rather cute. We can absolutely hear this wonderful Outertone Chill tune being used in a home montage video, cooking tutorial or even in your own indie life simulation game.

You can download this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Wait, exclusively on Synchedin. With an active subscription to Synchedin, you can also download the entirety of the Outertone Chill catalogue, including a wealth of atmospheric, feel good lo-fi beats by artists such as CMT8, Valdi Sabev and Coolum.

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