Stirring strings, passionate piano, triumphant brass, these are all sounds you’ll find in our Royalty Free Classical Music collection!

Did you know, “Classical” actually refers to a musical period that falls under the wider umbrella term, “Western Classical”? Maybe you’ve heard of Baroque music, a period of music between 1600-17500. Up next was Classical, running from around 1750 to 1820.

On Synchedin, the “classical” tag is a much looser term, referring to all music in the Western Classical basket. It also refers to music that is Western Classical adjacent. That means you can enjoy some classical instrumentation with a contemporary twist.

We’re talking about classical music because of our fresh new collection, Royalty Free Classical Music. It’s one to get stuck into!

Uses for Classical Music

When we’re younger, we might resist encouragement to listen to classical music. Parents, grandparents, and teachers might urge the importance and significance of composers like Mozart or Beethoven. As kids, we just want moody electric guitars, or light-hearted pop we can dance around to.

Obviously, this isn’t true for everyone. If you were a kid that appreciated the impassioned symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams, you were much more sophisticated than I.

As we expose ourselves to more and more art forms, we realise that classical music is for much more than just the dentist waiting room. Pairing classical music with things like video, podcasts, and games can have an impressively notable impact.

Great classical music has the ability to be expressive without the need for lyrics. Families of instruments transform into whole moods, and intricate motifs become instantly recognisable characters. The power for storytelling that classical music holds is unrivalled.

No matter the emotion or mood you’re trying to convey in your creative project, there will be a piece of classical music that fits the bill.

Royalty Free Classical Music Collection

In order to make adding rousing soundtracks to your creations easier, we’ve put all of the finest classical music on Synchedin into one collection.

Every track here is royalty free, which means you can use it anywhere without worrying about copyright issues.

Need to inject some drama into battle sequences in your new game? This collection has what you need. Maybe you need an interesting orchestral piece for a new intellectual podcast intro. You’ll find it here.

Enjoy music from a range of fantastic independent artists. Soak up some modern soundscapes from classically trained piano virtuoso, Borrtex. Get hold of gripping violin concertos courtesy of Michael Herter. If it’s superb renditions of music by famous composers that you’re after, Legend The Band certainly have you covered.

Get exploring the collection now, to find the perfect soundtrack for your next project.

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